Blog Tour Interview: The Isis Collar by Cat Adams

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Blog Tour Interview: The Isis Collar by Cat Adams

March 12, 2012 – 8:05 am | 13 Comments

Everyone please welcome C.T. Adams to Paperback Dolls! C.T. Adams, along with Cathy Clamp, form the writing duo Cat Adams who are releasing their 4th novel, The Isis Collar, in their Bloodsinger series tomorrow!
Kitt: Hi …

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Month of Love Giveaway: Some Like it Hot by Louisa Edwards

Submitted by on February 25, 2012 – 4:00 am35 Comments

Today, we are givingaway the second book in Louisa Edwards Rising Star Chef series to ONE lucky international reader! All you have to do is leave us a comment and tell us: What’s your idea of a romantic dinner? Is it better if he cooks it for you? Does it matter what you have? Or is it the effort that makes it all the better?

A sizzling blend of food, passion—and searing romance—the Rising Star Chef competition brings together the world’s hottest chefs for an all-star cook-off that’s sure to stir up excitement…and melt some hearts.


Sexy, single, and even sweeter than the treats he bakes, New York pastry chef Danny Lunden is trying to stay focused on food—not females. With the Rising Star Chef competition approaching, he doesn’t have time to get all steamed up over the gorgeous woman he encounters on the plane to Chicago. Even if she is Eva Jansen—the billionaire heiress in charge of the contest…


Danny assumes that “Eva the Diva” is a spoiled rich girl who doesn’t share his passion for food. But when the two meet up again in an elevator—alone—they share more than just passion. They share a kiss hot enough to start a kitchen fire—and they’re hungry for more. To indulge their new secret craving, Eva and Danny have to break every rule in the cookbook. But—like chocolate and caramel—some ingredients are are so sinfully good together, one scrumptious bite is never enough…

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  • eli yanti says:

    hem… he cook dinner for me, that’s great too ;)

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  • sienny says:

    for me, the effort will be the biggest point. he didn’t have to cook it himself, especially if he no zilch about cooking.

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  • erinf1 says:

    I’m not picky. As long as the thought is there, I don’t care if he cooks or if it’s McDonalds. If he made an effort and is trying to provide dinner for me, I’d love it!

    Thanks for the giveaway! This book looks *hawt*!

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  • Linda Henderson says:

    I think a dinner out is romantic. Since some men make a mess in the kitchen it’s not worth them cooking to have to clean up a big mess.

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  • Julie Witt says:

    Since I do almost all of the cooking in our house, anytime anyone else makes dinner for me is romantic! My husband used to make me crab legs when I was pregnant and that was very romantic :D

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  • Victoria Zumbrum says:

    I would like him to cook it for me but he doesn’t have to. Its the thought that counts. I like a candlelight dinner with soft music playing. I thing that would be so romantic.

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  • ladymilano says:

    Oh, yes, I love man cooks! :D
    Great if he surprised me with his cooked foods…

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  • Patti P says:

    I think it is absolutely wonderful if a man cooks for me. To me that is even more intimate than just taking me to a restaurant. To know the effort of planning, shopping, preparing just makes me feel like he cares.
    Great post and thanks for the giveaway. I can’t wait to read Some Like it Hot.

    musicalfrog at

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  • bn100 says:

    I don’t mind who cooks the meal, as long as the food tastes good.

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  • Jen B. says:

    Romantic is going out to a great restaurant! To heck with cooking because that only leads to cleaning up!

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  • Melissa Lamb says:

    I really wouldn’t want my man to cook dinner for me. My idea of having a romantic dinner is to go to a nice restaurant, enjoy just being with each other, then going back home and having a romantic night all night long!!!

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  • Na says:

    If he cooks for me that’s already romantic. It means he put his own thought and time into it. Even better if it’s a favorite meal of mine :)

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  • Newan says:

    Cook dinner for me its sound romantic ^^

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  • Diane Sallans says:

    something simple, that we prepare together, maybe with a decadent chocolate dessert

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  • Linda says:

    As long as it´s him and me eating together, i don´t mind. Having time together and talking is no 1. Love it when he surprises me with making dinner =)

    best wishes, Linda xo

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  • misskallie2000 says:

    Candlelight dinner: with boiled shrimp, baked potato and chef salad And of course sweet tea. Dessert strawberry cheesecake with hot tea.

    Love the cover… Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaway. Love Romance and hunky man..Or is that hunky men and romance. lol

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  • reading mind says:

    The simple fact that he cooks for me would be great! everything is fine!

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  • Filia Oktarina says:

    I would like him to cook it for me, it would great. Having time together and talking is was happy life.

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  • says:

    I love a man who cooks but I don’t mind cooking either. I don’t think it matters who’s cooking as long as we are having a great time enjoying one another’s company.

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  • Andrea I says:

    I love this series. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  • dian says:

    whoa its very romantic if he’s cook for me or cooking together between me and him,,,^^

    thanks for the giveaway

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  • Amel Armeliana says:

    Whoa…the cover is amazing, can’t take my eyes of it :D And the story sounds great either. Hope I will win it *praying*

    For me, romantic dinner didn’t have to candle light dinner in a special place or he cooks for me or he gave me flower. Doesn’t matter what the dishes is or where the place is, as long as he’s doing it sincerely for me, the effort is all that matter.

    Thank u for this awesome giveaway :)

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  • Videl says:

    Wuaaahhh… What a great Cover… Yummy… *licking* ;b

    and the story.. make Me curious too..

    For Me, it doesn’t metter where We do the Dinner… Even we do it with someone We love.. it’s will always felt romantic..
    But, When I saw someone stand in My kitchen.. use an appron.. cooking for Me.. aaahhh… give Me more fantasy about it.. *nosebleed* hmpffth

    anyway, thanx for this Giveaway.. ^^


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  • Lelyana says:

    I think, cooking together are more sexy, and he’s absolutely is a main meal..yum

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  • Lelyana says:

    I think him as a main meal,would be the sexiest dinner .. yum

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  • cecil says:

    romantic dinner.. i think bout.. we both cook together, well im not so good in cook, hope that i can learn from him;)
    thanks for giveaway.

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  • Krista says:

    A dinner that isn’t made by me is romantic! It’s all about the effort.


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  • Hannah I says:

    I’m a decent cook in the kitchen, well, enough to get by and survive. But it would be awesome to have someone who actually knew how to cook something better than what I can come up with in 5 mins flat.
    My idea of romantic would be just us one on one, together. With no one there to bug and annoy us.

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  • Alicia Jespersen says:

    Wow! I abosolutely love that cover! yummmmmieeeeee! :D
    I look forward to readin Some like It Hot soon.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

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  • Olivia Tan says:

    though i almost late for taking this quiz. but i still made it… yatta..

    the romantic dinner is not always use candle for the dinner, or wherever we are as long u can do with someone u love most.
    but i will give the plus point if he cooks a dinner for me… gyaaaa… that is so romantic ^^

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  • Eka Fony Wijaya says:

    I love this cover… thanks for the giveaway.

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  • Jolene A says:

    The place, or the food doesn’t really matter. It’s just spending quality time with someone

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  • [...] Romance author Louisa Edwards Website Giveaway Winner of Some Like it Hot by Louisa Edwards: Annisa Belikov [...]

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  • Videl says:

    Woaaahh.. Congrats for the Winner!!! Mrs Annisa.. \(´▽`)/ ..

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  • dian says:


    i cant believe..i win this book…horeee ^^

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