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As of June 20, 2011, Paperback Dolls added paid advertising to authors, publicists and publishers alike to our list of services. We take pride in the international community that we have cultivated here at Paperback Dolls and would like to extend to you a new opportunity to take advantage of.

Advertising Through Blogads*


Advertising Through PaperbackDolls.com
Advertising Campaigns
Option A
Large Static: 300wx250h“Above the Fold”
Option B
Large Static: 300wx250h
“Below the Fold”
Option C
Medium Static 200wx300h

Option D
Banner Static: 60wx468h
(Located above the comments)


Terms and Conditions:
  • All campaigns have a run time of 30 calendar days and should be paid in full by the time of scheduling. Unlimited ad-views and click-throughs are included in the price of each option.
  • We accept .gif, and .jpg. We also can do a straight-text ad with links. (Paperback Dolls does not create ads at this time)
  • Ads must be the dimension noted in each campaign, not doing so will cause a delay in scheduling.
  • Please do not submit ad files larger than 75k so as not to delay our page load times.
  • Paperback Dolls/Client reserves the right to reject any ad that is deemed unsuitable or unsightly.
  • We reserve the right to reject any advertisement if they advertise or link to any content we deem inappropriate.
  • We reserve the right to change our rates at any time, but ads already purchased will be honored at the rate for which they were originally purchased.
  • We accept payment via Paypal, and will furnish our payment instructions once you’ve contacted us about an advertisement.
  • Ads do not constitute an endorsement of any sort on the part of Paperback Dolls.

Any questions or comments? Email us at
*Paperback Dolls does not set the Terms and Conditions for Blogads, please see their website for more info.