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Blurbs from Our Reviews

“Elle Jasper’s debut into light urban fantasy romance is a quick and fun romp into the underground of Savannah’s warm nights…in this seductive, witty drama where the story flows like magic and the characters are very exciting. Mixing pop culture and occult references, Ms. Jasper brings to the table a sizzling new adventure that will leave you panting for more.”

Quote from Afterlight review by Doll Kitt

Everdark by Elle Jasper praise for Afterlight

“[A] gripping read; sympathetic characters operate in a detailed, realistically shattered echo of modern society, and the emotional journey is as harrowing and absorbing as the physical one.”

Quote from Aftertime review by Doll Elvie

Rebirth by Sophie Littlefield praise for Aftertime

“From the moment I opened THE TAKER I was captured in it’s spell…
I would enthusiastically recommend THE TAKER to anyone
looking for a book that they just can’t put down.”

Quote from The Taker review by Doll Alli and Doll Eowyn

The Taker by Alma Katsu praise for The Taker (Trade Paperback)

“Wait For Me more than met my expectations, it was downright delightfully angsty with a great big dose of scorching hot scenes between two characters who could not have been more made for each other. The unraveling mystery is compelling all on it’s own but the chemistry between Kate and Ryan will keep you truly captivated.”

Quote from Wait for Me review by Doll Lil

Bound To Seduction by Elisabeth Naughton praise for Wait for Me.

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