Cat Johnson Braves Doll Lil’s Word Association Challenge!

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Cat Johnson Braves Doll Lil’s Word Association Challenge!

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I’m back from vacation and ready to get down and dirty finding new free and amazingly bargained books for you! But first this week I have something special. I convinced super hot and crazy talented …

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Shadowfever discussion with author Karen Marie Moning from NOLA!

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Our good friend Cristy from was in NOLA along with doll KittNLuv to party it up with the rest of the Moning Maniacs. She posted this Q&A on her blog and was kind enough to let the dolls repost it here to share all the fun! The following is taken directly from Crity’s notes and unchanged. Please visit her at her blog and tell her Thank You!

Shadowfever 2011 Q/A from New Orleans

Karen started out the session with many apologies for being so sick the night before at the signing. She said she sat next to two people throwing up the whole flight to NOLA. My hats off to her for actually sticking it out for the whole book signing. It was horribly hot, but she signed every single book we all had.

Q: Did she know from the beginning who would turn out to be the bad guy?
A: No one was either good or bad. There are shades of grey in all of us and her characters also. She said everyone turned out exactly as she dreamed them.

Q: Why didn’t Barron’s remove Darroc’s mark?
A: She has her reasons and we will see why.

She talked a little and told us how humbled she was that so many fans read her books, but what made her the happiest is all of the friendships that had formed from them. She was very sincere when she spoke and laughed a lot.

Q: Where did she get the names for her characters?
A: Everything about the Fever series came to her in one dream. The names of the characters, how each book should end, also the names of each book. She didn’t want to write this series and fought doing it, but they just wouldn’t leave her alone. When she woke up from the dream she wrote the names of the books on her bedroom wall.

Q: What did you eat before you went to bed? ( Met with much laughter from all of us)
A: She never really answered but did state that she has always had very vivid dreams.

Q: Will you ever write a story in Barron’s perspective? Will you do a novel on the back stories?
A: No but she will not ever say never with this story. ( Lots of laughter) NO novels on back stories but she would continue all storylines in future books.

She stated that she still had lots of Mac, Barron’s, and the other 9’s story to tell but they would be background to the stories being told for the next series.

Q: What’s next?
A: Dani, Ryodan, Christian triangle with lots of Fae, Mac, Barron’s, and the other 9. She said she is going to take a break though and laughed that we were already wanting another book.

Q: You write a lot of male perspectives; do you think you do a good job with them?
A: She turned to Phil and Neil and asked them if she did. LOL of course they said yes.

Q: Which character are you most like, Mac or Barron’s?
A: She said she thinks she is a lot like both. She has grown right along with Mac. Her choice in wardrobe has also. When she first started this series she was a black leather pants, St. Johns Bay shirt and pink panties ( which she still prefers) but now she tries to dress up more. She laughed and said she is still wardrobe challenged like Mac though. She thought for a minute and said she is most like Barron’s and laughed. She hates to think she is a psychopath . This was met with much laughter. She asks Neil and Phil and Phil laughed and said Mac, just take a drive with her one time.

Q: Someone ask about the Shades.
A: She said they are still around reproducing and have moved. They will still be around.

There was some conversation and she told us she knew there were going to be some upset with how certain characters turned out. She laughed and said “Hey I left V’Lane naked for those who loved him.

Q: Did she ever consider Mac waking up and it all being a dream?
A: NO that would just be lazy and she didn’t like that. None of her stories will ever be “Just a Dream”

Q: What do you recommend for people wanting to write?
A: Keep your butt in the chair. Don’t give up and don’t look at the market to see what is popular. Stay true to the story you are wanting to tell. It’s a lonely road getting started but stay focused and true to your story. Even if you don’t get published you will know you didn’t take the easy road and can still feel proud.

Q: What did she think about how the books ended and all of the cliffhangers?
A: All of the books came together, just like she wrote them, from her dream. (The Fever series) She hated how Faefever ended and cried because she didn’t want to leave the cliffhanger of Mac being raped. She knew it was hard on us and it was on her to. She had to stick to the story though. She also hated how Shadowfever started but that’s how it had to be told. She talked some on the cd Shadowsong, Neil. Her favorite song was Alone. She said she cried when he presented it to her. She talked about how Neil and she worked together. He had to hear everything she wrote each day and it just all came together.

Q: Something was asked about the Highlander series?
A: She said she hated them and if you haven’t read them don’t. This was met with a lot of disagreement from the fans. She pointed out that the first two were just terrible but she started finding her rhythm in The Highlanders Touch and her favorites are Drustan and Dageus. Phil won an award for The Dark Highlander. Into the Dreaming has nothing to do with either series. She was fulfilling a prior obligation but it does parallel the series.

Mrs. Moning stated the point of the books were to show how everyone’s pretty pink life gets broken. No one is unfazed by life and it’s just part of life for bad things to happen. The transition between when life is “Pretty and Pink” to “Hard and Dark”. It’s just the facts of life. We all have to deal with grief and she thinks Barron’s sums it up the best.

Q: Are Alina and Mac really sisters?
A: Yes they are blood sisters. This is actually answered in the books. No one knew Isla was pregnant with Mac. She stated that we would be getting a story with Isla, Pieter, and the Triton Corp. . She added Isla and Pieter into Shadowfever for us. She also said she couldn’t add Telie’s story because it didn’t flow with the current way the book was going but in the next book we would get to see them have a conversation.

Phil ask about a scene between Barron’s and V’Lane , sorry I missed it. Whatever it was her response was NO. She went on to say Barron’s would never be one to wallow in sorrow and grief. He just deals.

Q: I missed the full question.
A: Her response was she believes the Plot should follow the emotion not the emotion following the plot.

Q: Where did she come up with her theories on the Fae? ( The person commented that she noticed a lot of similarities in other stories)
A: She said all stories have been told but it’s how you put your own personal touch to it. All authors draw from the same pools of information. They work with what research they can but then have to either use or make up their own mytho’s.

Q: What’s going on with the movie deal?
A: Unfortunately the time ran out, but she doesn’t really care. She wants to make sure whoever does it stays true to her characters and story. She thinks a tv series would be better because there is to much story for a movie. She will not let just anyone have the rights because she wants to make sure she can trust them not to change everything. She would rather hold onto it until she can be a big part of it or she fully trust the person that will be in charge. She will not just let anyone do it.

Q: How much say did you have in the Graphic Novel.
A: She stated that she was completely involved. All of the characters have her treatment. She adores the artist who she chose and is very excited for it to come out.

Q: What was the count for NOLA?
A: They weren’t completely sure but 500 books were purchased there.

Q: What’s the best time for her to write and does she have somewhere she prefers to be when she does?
A: 4:30am and she isn’t happy about that. She said her and Neil travel a lot but N. Georgia where they live is where she does most of her writing. She laughed and said it’s probably because there is nothing around for distractions.

Q: What are her plans on future series?
A: She stated she had so much more to write on all of her characters and thinks Mac and Barron’s will never leave her. The Fae and many more answers are coming also. She assured us that she answered all questions that were needed to complete the Fever series and any that weren’t would be in future books. She says she will not get committed to a long series again and all books would be between 3-5 books. She likes her stories to be defined and not drag them out.

Q: Will there be anymore Highlander books?
A: Yes there will be at least one more. She didn’t want to but the Keltar’s wouldn’t leave her alone and there was more to tell from them.

More discussion and she states that she couldn’t stand Mac 1.0. She laughed and said Mac is very fashion conflicted and they had that in common. She much preferred Black leather pants but she has grown right along with Mac.

Q: Something was asked about Mac and the Hunters.
A: Mac’s opinion has changed of the Hunters and we will see more about that and she will try to convince others to change their minds to.

Q: Why did K’Vruck not try to hurt her?
A: The UK has imprinted on Mac and the Hunters recognize this.

Q: Where did the character names come from?
A: The dream she had for the series.

Q: Out of all the things in the series what would she most like to have?
A: No question about it, Barron’s cars.

Q: What does she see with Dani’s story?
A: She really wants to write about her growing up some more and the decisions she makes. Career wise she knows starting her out older is the way to go, so she just isn’t sure yet.

Q: Who and what is Dancer?
A: With a big smile, you will have to wait

The session was ended with a standing ovation to Mrs. Moning as she once again thanked all of her fans with teary eyes. I must say this has been a very exciting ride following this series. I have the same mixed emotions as Mrs. Moning expressed for the series ending. But it’s only for now. We have many more years to look forward to of sneak peeks at Mac and Barrons. I’m glad for the closure but so looking forward to the next ride she takes us on. Phil and Sue ended on a raffle with many great prizes. Jewelry, Kresley Cole books, and many other little goodies. Phil was hilarious and read chapter 8 to us which caused a small earthquake. What an experience NOLA was. So many nice people and the tales we left with. LOL What happens in NOLA stays in NOLA!

Stay to the Lights and stay tuned for the next episode.

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