Cat Johnson Braves Doll Lil’s Word Association Challenge!

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Cat Johnson Braves Doll Lil’s Word Association Challenge!

August 7, 2013 – 12:48 am | One Comment

I’m back from vacation and ready to get down and dirty finding new free and amazingly bargained books for you! But first this week I have something special. I convinced super hot and crazy talented …

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ARC Review: One Night With a Cowboy by Cat Johnson

Submitted by on February 26, 2013 – 4:30 am2 Comments

Author: Cat Johnson
Title: One Night With a Cowboy
Release: February 26, 2013
Series: Oklahoma Nights #1
Reviewer: Lil
Source: Publisher
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One Sweet Ride…
Oh yeah. A single look at the leggy blonde in the stands and Tucker Jenkins is ready to buck all night long. It’s time to forget all about his cheating ex and his usual hands off policy.
One Hot Night…
Becca Hart is an East Coast professor. Not a buckle bunny. But no degree can prepare her for the moves of the sexy bull rider she hooks up with at her first rodeo…or the shock of finding him at her first Oklahoma State University staff meeting.

One Happy Ending…
Tuck knows it’s all about holding on, no matter how wild the ride. Now he just has to convince Becca that a rough start out of the chute doesn’t mean they aren’t a smokin’ combination…

I discovered Cat Johnson just over 18 months ago and fell in love with her style and her characters. As always I am a little nervous when a favorite author introduces a new series. There are many reasons a writer may approach a new series with a new technique or style, most often it doesn’t work for me. I get very attached to my favorites and often count down the days until a favorite author will give me what I need; a fresh story with the comforts of knowing the story will be full of the style that made you a fan in the first place. Cat Johnson did not disappoint! One Night With a Cowboy is a rich and complex story full of things I love best in a romance.

I LOVE “human” characters. Characters that I could actually meet or may already know. Nothing is a bigger turn on than well developed characters I want to emotionally invest in. Cat has consistently written characters I have fallen madly in love with as I did this time around with Tucker Jenkins. He’s a part-time cowboy with the sexiest day job out there *sigh*… I just love a man in uniform. Tucker is an honorable kind of guy who is also passionate and very easy to love. Cat has written some of my favorite male characters of all time, Studs & Spur’s Mustang and Luke for example. Tucker is definitely an Alpha Male but he has a sweetness to him that I found really pulled me into his story.

As in many romances the female character is harder to get right. Women tend to be emotional and sensitive and sometimes it can come across as whiny instead of angsty. Nothing is more distracting than a woman who comes across as weak or worse bi-polar in order to bring the story to it’s climax. Cat Johnson has mastered writing female characters that experience real life emotions and succeeds in letting Becca Hart live her story without making her into a caricature of a romance heroin.

With a well rounded supporting cast and a great setting for the continuation of the series Oklahoma Nights Cat Johnson has gotten me to not only invest in this story but in the stories yet to come. From the rodeo arena to the harsh reality of being deployed in Afghanistan this story comes alive on the page. To sum it up the pages of ONWaC are full of passionate characters, hot sexy moments, fast paced action that kept me on the edge of my seat, and just enough angst to keep me from putting the e-reader down. One Night With a Cowboy inspires romance and reminds this reader how lucky she is to have her own Alpha Male (with a sweet mushy center).

Lil is an avid reader who gave up TV so she could greedily read every book she could get her hands on. In the process she discovered a love for contemporary romance heavily laden with humor. Lil is formerly a True Blood blogger who discovered there is more to the world than her annoying love/hate one-sided relationship with the writers of TB. She credits JR Ward for pulling her from the two dimensional world of TV viewing.
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  • Sounds like a good read

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  • Doll Lil says:

    It is very good! I almost feel my review doesn’t do it justice after the last two books I read for just me I am reminded how good both Cat’s and Kristan Higgins really are. I’m about to dive into a few new arcs and they have a LOT to live up to!

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