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Week in Review

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Week in Review

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Welcome one and all to the week in review!
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Review: Guarding a Notorious Lady by Olivia Parker

Submitted by on July 23, 2011 – 4:10 am3 Comments

Author: Olivia Parker
Book: Guarding a Notorious Lady
Release: June 5, 2011
Series: Devine and Friends 3
Source: NetGalley
Purcahse: – Book Depository 

A woman of pristine breeding, Lady Rosalind Devine is also an unrepentant meddler and snoop — which is why her brother refuses to leave her to her own devices while on his wedding trip. But Rosalind will not make things easy for any unseen, unwanted “nursemaid” — and vows to use her considerable wiles to expose her mystery guardian.

Nicholas Kincaid agreed to secretly guard his friend’s spoiled, stubborn sister, but her infuriating penchant for mischief is causing him to question his decision. Though bound by the rules of society — and friendship –Rosalind’s spirit and sensuality have sparked a fierce desire in Nicholas to play a very different role in her life, one that promises passion, ecstasy . . . and unavoidable scandal.

This should have been a very easy book to review because I liked both the story and the characters, but instead, it’s giving me a headache. Why? Because someone didn’t follow through on their job as an editor.

I like Rosalind as the protagonist and Nicholas as the secret bodyguard. Their interactions are good with only an occasional bobble in the flow, but I can live with that.

What drove me to distraction, and stopped the story many times, were the abrupt changes in point of view. The story would be in deep third as seen through Rosalind’s perspective, and then without warning I would be dropped into Nicholas’s head. I then had to go back and reread the passage and the transition in order to adjust my thinking. Unfortunately, this happened quite often. At one point, the story is in Rosalind’s POV and suddenly switches to a somewhat omniscient POV. I’m still not certain whose perspective was used for that scene. The editor should have pointed out all these instances for Ms. Parker to correct, but I suspect no one noticed.

Overall, it’s an interesting story and I would even recommend it to historical romance readers, but with one caveat…pay attention to the character’s voice so you’re not distracted by the changes in POV.

Also Reviewed By: The Brazen BookwormJoyfully ReviewedThe Season of Romance

Mona's first grade teacher, Mrs. Stanford, gifted her with the love of reading. For that, she'll always live in her heart. But reading took over Mona's life, eclipsing everything but playing sports, and has continued to be a huge part of her life. Although she has always written poetry and stories for her self, last year she decided to try her hand at writing fiction. She is currently editing her first urban fantasy and hopes to have it ready for the agent by summer's end. Besides reading, Mona loves speed in the form of fast cars. The faster, the better! In her next life, she plans to drive race cars (or whatever happens to be their replacement in the future) all while reading and writing. She has also taken up rune reading, and find it to be disturbingly accurate and exciting.
Doll Mona Leigh

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  • Diane Sallans says:

    I really like the synopsis of this book and your comments about the confusing POV won’t stop me from including it on my TBR list, but I know what you mean about switch being disconcerting. I do find myself sometimes stopping saying ‘What? Who?’ and having to re-read. If that does happen too much I’ll put that author on a secondary tbr list. I appreciate your comment about the editor, but don’t authors have multiple people who read & comment for them?

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  • Doll Noa says:

    Mona – I also understand exactly what you mean… sometimes a story is wonderful, the characters make you smile and then…something doesn’t mesh. :(

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  • Mona Leigh says:

    @Diane – Most authors have critique partners or beta readers, but not all crit partners are equal. Not everyone pays attention to POVs. Same with editors. Nora Roberts is famous for head-hopping, but since it’s her, no one says anything. The rest of us can’t get away with it.

    @Noa – Honestly, I did like the story a lot. It just got frustrating when I had to keep stopping and backtracking.

    Reply to this comment »