Blog Tour Interview: The Isis Collar by Cat Adams

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Blog Tour Interview: The Isis Collar by Cat Adams

March 12, 2012 – 8:05 am | 13 Comments

Everyone please welcome C.T. Adams to Paperback Dolls! C.T. Adams, along with Cathy Clamp, form the writing duo Cat Adams who are releasing their 4th novel, The Isis Collar, in their Bloodsinger series tomorrow!
Kitt: Hi …

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Blog Tour Interview: The Isis Collar by Cat Adams

Submitted by on March 12, 2012 – 8:05 am13 Comments

Everyone please welcome C.T. Adams to Paperback Dolls! C.T. Adams, along with Cathy Clamp, form the writing duo Cat Adams who are releasing their 4th novel, The Isis Collar, in their Bloodsinger series tomorrow!

Kitt: Hi Cie, we’d like to welcome you to Paperback Dolls! We’re so happy to have you here.

Cie: It’s great to be here. Thank you so much for inviting me!

Kitt: Since this is your first time at Paperback Dolls, can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

Cie: Hmmm, that’s covers quite a lot of ground. LOL. Well, I am a USA Today bestselling author. I write both individually and with Cathy L. Clamp under both of our names and under the nom de plume of Cat Adams. We have had three series thus far in Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. The current series The Bloodsinger has a brand new book out. The Isis Collar is the fourth book following Blood Song, Siren Song, and Demon Song.

Kitt: When did you first start writing? What made you decide– ‘ok, this is it, I’m writing a book’?

Cie: I’ve wanted to write since I picked up my first picture book. It’s what I’ve always wanted. Until a flooded garage ruined most of it I still had stuff I’d written in grade school and high school.

Kitt: Do you have any authors that you took inspiration from or influenced you the most?

Cie: Everyone you read has some influence on you, whether you intend it or not. Things you love, things you hate. As to particular influences, I’m not sure.

Kitt: When you want to get away from your own books and take a break, what do you read?

Cie: I’m a very eclectic reader. It really depends on my mood. I love mysteries, so there’s Robert B. Parker, Dick Frances, Agatha Christie, and so many others, then I’ll be in a humor mood and read the Miss Seeton mysteries or something by Janet Evanovich. I love Jim Butcher’s stuff, and Laurell K. Hamilton’s early works get LOTS of re-reads. Charlaine Harris, Rachel Caine – the list goes on, and on.

Kitt: Can you tell us a little bit about The Isis Collar, releasing tomorrow?

Cie: It’s the fourth book in the Bloodsinger series. To give you a little background, Celia Graves, the heroine, lives in a world where monsters are real and nearly everyone has some level of magical or psychic ability. The fact that she tested as a “vanilla human” in school made her almost a freak. But a hard childhood with an alcoholic mother taught her strength and resilience, so Celia wouldn’t back down. Instead, she became one of the best bodyguards in the business, guarding starlets dignitaries from the creatures that stalk the night. Unfortunately a job went bad and she wound up being partially transformed. Now part-vampire, and with her previously unknown siren blood active, she’s had to adjust to a whole new set of circumstances. In The Isis Collar she faces a mystery where a villain has loosed a magical zombie plague, with schoolchildren, teachers and parents the intended victims. It’s a wild and terrifying ride. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Kitt: Of all your characters in the Blood Singer series, which one is your favorite?

Cie: Oh, that’s harsh. Picking favorites? Obviously Celia’s close to my heart. But I do also have a soft spot for Bruno DeLucca.

Kitt: Are any of your characters, such as your heroine Celia, based on other people? Do you have mental images for your characters?

Cie: Based as in physical descriptions? Sometimes. The entire idea for Celia came from a photograph I saw in the dealer’s room at a convention. I saw the photo and I just knew – who she was, how she got those fangs, the whole world just hit me. It literally staggered me. I told Cathy and she had me rush back to take notes.

As far as character personalities? No. The characters are their own people. As a writer I observe things a lot. You do incorporate things you’ve seen and felt, your life experience, but only in a general way.

Kitt: If there is a lesson that each of your main characters need to learn what would it be?

Cie: Celia needs to learn to let go of things. She’s very hard on herself, and sometimes on others. Sort of a “Fooled me once, shame on you. Fooled me twice, shame on ME” kind of gal. But she has a great heart, and she tries desperately to do the right thing. Sometimes it’s just hard for her to figure out what the right thing is.

Kitt: So, what’s next on your “to-do” list? We know you are busy promoting your new book, but are there any new works in progress we can be anticipating? Or are there any other genres that you’d like to explore?

Cie: Well, there are two more Blood Singer books on tap in the near future, and Cathy and I are both working on individual projects too. There are also some anthologies we’re participating in, so it’s a very busy time.

Of course there are also appearances coming up – both virtual and physical. Cathy and I will be doing signings in March (see our website for details), and in April I’ll be at the Romantic Times conference in Chicago. I hope to see some of you there.

Kitt: We want to thank you so much for taking the time to visit us and answer our questions! We are super thrilled to have you on Paperback Dolls. Best of Luck to you!

Cie: Again, thanks so much for having me. HAPPY READING. :)

Cie and Cathy’s Bio:
C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp began writing as a team in 1997. They quickly learned that their individual talents in writing created a dynamite combination in historical and paranormal novels!

Cathy resides in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, dogs, cats and 24 Boer/Spanish cross goats!

Cie is currently relocating to the Denver metro area with her dog and cats.

They love reading fan mail and anticipate a long and fruitful writing career.
Find Them: Website | |

Celia Graves was once an ordinary human, but those days are long gone. Now she strives to maintain her sanity and her soul while juggling both vampire abilities and the powers of a Siren.

Warned of a magical “bomb” at a local elementary school, Celia forces an evacuation. Oddly, the explosion seems to have no effect, puzzling both Celia and the FBI. Two weeks later, a strangely persistent bruise on Celia’s leg turns out to be the first sign of a magical zombie plague.

Finding the source of the plague isn’t Celia’s only concern. Her alcoholic mother has broken out of prison on the Sirens’ island; her little sister’s ghost has possessed a young girl; and one of Celia’s boyfriends, a powerful mage, has disappeared.

Paperback Dolls is made up of women from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, different tastes and beliefs that were brought together through a love of reading. We like to think of ourselves as a cyber version of "The View" that focuses on books, authors, and reading. We are proof positive that one common love can unite the most opposite of people and form lasting friendships that introduce other ways of life and perspectives to each other.
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  • Our Doll Noa here is big on the mysteries as well and loves Agatha Christie! I on the other hand am more of a Laurell K. Hamilton fan and would love to do a reread sometime in the future.

    I love how strong and sassy Celia is and I can’t wait to read The Isis Collar. Thank you so much again for answering our questions!

    Reply to this comment »
    • C.T. Adams says:

      Thanks so much for letting me visit. And thanks for the compliment. I’m very excited to see how readers react to The Isis Collar.

      Reply to this comment »
  • mary hay says:

    How great that the two of you write this series. Sounds very interesting.

    Reply to this comment »
    • C.T. Adams says:

      I hope you’ll give it a try. The first book in the series is Blood Song, but you can read the new one without going through the whole series. It really should be able to stand alone. :)

      Reply to this comment »
  • Donna says:

    You COULD read The Isis Collar without reading the the previous books, but why would you want to? I’ve read all the books by Cat Adams and C. T. Adams, at least twice, and I am SO looking forward to The Isis Collar!

    Reply to this comment »
    • C.T. Adams says:

      Awww. You’re so sweet. Thank you. :)

      We try very hard to write books people will love, so it’s always great to hear that somebody enjoyed reading and re-reading something we’ve written. You’ve made my day. :)

      Reply to this comment »
  • says:

    How much fun is it to people watch, getting ideas for characters that way has to be a hoot? My husband and I love to go out in public and do that on the weekend and it is interesting in our area of Central Texas to see such a huge diverse group of people out and about their business, oh the stories that could be written about some of them!
    Congratulations on the release of book 4, many more congratulations on the series going for two more books and hopefully between those and the anthologies and the separate works for the two of you there is a little time to “play” so the stress stays in check a bit.


    Reply to this comment »
  • Jess W. says:

    I am a huge fan and was first sucked into your world with the Sazi. I re-read them often. Then I fell in love with Celia as a character and her world. I have been eagerly waiting for The Isis Collar. It excites me to see that there will be at least two more.

    Reply to this comment »
  • C.T. Adams says:

    Thank you Jess and Jackie. I hope that you continue enjoying the books. Our goal is that you have as much fun reading them as we do writing them.

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  • says:

    That’s great how the idea for Celia came from a photograph… something so simple and yet the stories are anything but and I just love them!

    Reply to this comment »
    • C.T. Adams says:

      It’s very funny what can and will inspire you. Out of the blue something will just seem to hit you and BAM there you go.

      Reply to this comment »
  • Liz S. says:

    I love this series! Hope to meet you at RT in April!

    Reply to this comment »
  • C.T. Adams says:

    I hope so too. :) I am really looking forward to the upcoming signings and especially the trip to RT.

    Reply to this comment »