Cat Johnson Braves Doll Lil’s Word Association Challenge!

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Cat Johnson Braves Doll Lil’s Word Association Challenge!

August 7, 2013 – 12:48 am | One Comment

I’m back from vacation and ready to get down and dirty finding new free and amazingly bargained books for you! But first this week I have something special. I convinced super hot and crazy talented …

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Teresa on her surprising secondary character revelations

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I must say I’m had fun thinking up secondary characters for Doll Noa. For me secondary characters sometimes make the story. They make me laugh, they piss me off and sometimes make scenes a little hot. I looked at my favorite series and picked my favorite secondary characters for you, and I think you guys might agree.

Hollow’s – My first secondary character doesn’t need much introduction, he’s hot, powerful and an ass. Elf boy has had his ups and downs through the series but as KH brings the Hollows to a closeTrent is heating up the scenes. He’s used his power for good and evil, infuriated us all and at times made us want to rip his clothes off. Trent is growing both as a character and as a love interest for Rachel, I think and for this bad Elf I hope he’s able to become who he wants to be and love who he wants to love.

For the Hollows there’s only one character that can compete with Jenks, but this youngster has a bit of growing to do. He bonded to Rachel at the tender age of 47, and has become best friends with Jenks. That is once Jenks got over the fact he snuck past his lines. Even those Bis is in ever book now days he’s not a main character though that may change in the last two books. He’s really helped Rachel in the past few novels, and can you really dislike a gargoyle who got in trouble for spitting on people who walked past the Basilica.

This next character has become a father figure to Rachel and would train her if given the chance. He’s in love with Ceri and they now have a child together. Rachel has so much faith in Quen that she sat by his side as he fought for his life after getting bit by Piscary. Granted Quen wanted to show Rachel what had truly happened to her father, since he died but Quen was able to fight for that 11% chance to survive.

In the Hollows we can’t talk about secondary characters with out having the big bad demon, Al pop his ugly head in. Al to me is comic relief. I laugh almost every time he shows up, from the moment he tried to kill Rachel for Piscary to becoming his student. He’s here to remind readers to enjoy live, the good and the bad. And lets face it he can piss Rachel off almost as quickly as Trent. Now I didn’t add Newt into the mix but I should have considering the glorious tense she brings to the table when she’s changing the rules on Al and the other demons. Granted lately she only wants to hang around with Al and Rachel.

Last but not least I have to talk about the only secondary human that we see/hear about throughout the series. Glenn has been both a strength in the FIB and a hinderance when it comes to Rachel wanting to get her way. He’s always been there as a friend after his first appearance. While he does use her he’s also there to get her butt out of the frying pan many times. He also gives some comic relief in the way he talks to Rachel and his paying Rachel with anything tomato related.

The next series I looked at was Stephanie Plum, and if it wasn’t for three mostly secondary characters I’m not sure if I’d still be reading it. All I gotta say is Babe. From the first time Ranger showed up to help Stephanie learn how to be a bounty hunter, he’s been exciting. He’s also hot and every scene with him is steamy. Ranger, is the one person you never know what he’s going to do but you always want to know. He sweeps in and out on the novels without a care in the world. Or at least that’s how he acts. When ever he pops in I’m always waiting for one of two things to happen, sex or another one of Stephanie’s cars to blow up.

I did have Morelli down as a secondary character but the more I think about him the more I think he’s a main character he’s around more than Ranger even though Ranger is a love interest. So I’m moving past Morelli and on to the one person who is alway around to give comic relief. She might be old but she can create a trouble everywhere she goes. Grandma Mazur favorite place to cause trouble is at the funeral home, and I never thought I’d laugh when reading about a funeral home.

This next series I just got into this summer and I must say it’s kept my attention, The Night Huntress. I have a few secondary characters that keep me coming back to this series and its spin offs. The first character that I always want to see with Cat and Bones is the dark knight himself, the man/vampire that all vampires are thought to be like, whether its true or not thats Vlad. Vlad is just one of the secondary characters that gives comic in the main series and he got a spin off as well. But for me the interactions he has we Cat and Bones are priceless. With Bones it’s like to kids fighting over a favorite toy and while that isn’t funny all the time, trust me I have thirteen nieces and nephews, Bones and Vlad make it so. And who wouldn’t love a firestarter.

He’s the most powerful man whose undead can you really say more. It’s always interesting to see what is going on in the world when Mencheres comes around. He always seems to bring trouble for Bones and Cat.

Spade is one of two vampires who Bones calls a friend. He’s taller that everyone and of course Cat has tried to take him down, but who doesn’t she. Spade is always there when Bones needs a helping hand and he’s normally the first person Bones goes too. Spare to has his own spin off where we see him in a different light, one with out clothing.

This next character is all comic relief and I can never get enough of him. He causes trouble wherever he going and his arrogance could make Trent run for his money. I can only hope that Ian is able to have is own spin off, though I’m not sure how well that would work. Between giving Cat crap, scheming and being a scoundrel Ian takes the cake on having the most fun.

I’m not sure if I truly like this next character or if I just want to know what he’s going to do next. Uncle Don had used and in someways abused Cat, but she keeps him near. He’s the bad guy that is good and the one person you just want to smack sometimes.

There’s no way I could talk about the Night Huntress and not talk about the ex-con womanizer who cracks you up as he’s hitting on women or just talking about them. Juan always brings a smile to my face and now that he’s turned vamp I can’t wait to see what he does next. Thank goodness he can’t get a disease from all the women he has sex with. He’s a Ranger without scruples.

I’ll be honest when I was working on this list I didn’t realize I needed to tell a little about the secondary characters and why I like them, some of them I just do and I’m not sure why. The two secondary characters that I find interesting in this series may surprise you because there not who you’d think and I like all the characters. But the two that came to mind in the All Souls Trilogy where Marcus and Sarah. Neither one of these characters are comic relief which is what draws me to many secondary characters but for these two I think it was their strength. The both are strong willed and two they both drink whiskey. Marcus has this eagerness about him almost like a student learning something knew yet he’s hundreds of years old. Sarah on the other hand is young, compared to Marcus, and thinks all she needs is what has been passed down in her family grimoire. The contrast of these two just strike me in this series,

Dresden Files is another one of my favorite series thanks to my husband, and there are a few secondary characters who have caught my attention over the years. The most interesting is a mentor, friend and counsel member who helped raise Harry after his uncle tried to turn him to the dark side and that’s Ebenezar. Ebenezar however has changed over the years, he’s still someone Harry respects and is close to but he’s also one of the most powerful wizards he knows. Learning he’s the “Black Staff” the wizard who is asked to use any and all magic to kill people was a lot to absorb. Add in that he’s also Harry’s grandfather and its know wonder Harry is a little off balance at time.

The gate-keeper, what really can I say about the most mysterious character in the Dresden Files. When Rashid shows up you never know if Harry is coming or going and he always makes you wonder, whose side is he really on.

The biggest dog you’ve ever seen and Harry names him Mouse. Mouse a temple dog has stuck to Harry like glue since Harry saved him and his pack. Unlike the rest of his pack-mates who went home Mouse stayed with Harry and has been keeping him safe ever since.

What can you say about a medical examiner who likes to listen and play polka. Butters has been around to patch Harry up and help save the day.

The one Warden Harry like, and that’s saying something, Ramirez is the Juan of the Dresden Files. When he’s around he’s always talking about women.

The Knights of the Cross, these next two secondary characters had the same job, fight evil at every turn. One is a carpenter and has a family, the other had been taken over by evil and fought his way back. Both wield swords created with bits and pieces from material used to crucify Jesus. Michael Carpenter has been a friend of Harry’s for years. They have fought many battles together, he his like the angle that sits on Harry’s shoulder telling him not to do something that Bob would tell him to do. Sanya comes around whenever more than one Knight is needed, when he comes he normally adds a little comic relief. He also able to give Harry a little perspective since he’s seen the evil first hand, he held one of the coins and was able to turn away from the evil.

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